• Teguh Santoso STIKES MERANGIN


Obedience, education, knowledge, role healthworker


Hypertense is one of health problem in Indonesia, also in Merangin Regency, the total hypertense suffer visiting in year 2020 is 7.785 person and increase in at year 2021 amount 12.248. Public Health Center with high visitor hypertense suffer at year 2021 is in Pematang Kandis Public Health Center amount 3.315 person. The factor that suspected related with obedience cure to hypertense suffer are education, knowledge and role of health worker. The purpose of the research is to know the factors that relate with obedience cure to hypertense suffer in Pematang Kandis Health Public Center in Merangin Regency at year 2022. Kind of this research use kind of analytic survey with cross sectional design. The research is done in Pematang Kandis Public Health center Merangin Regency at year 2022. Population in this research is all hypertense suffer amount 343 person. sample is gotten with Non Random Method Sampling with accidental sampling amount 77 hypertense suffer. The Data is collected with interview with using questionnaire. Data is analyzed with Univariate and Bivariate with use chi-square test to trusted level 95% (X2Count ≥ X2table). It shows that most of the respondents don’t obey in curing hypertense is amount 40 (51,95%), Primary education amount 43 (55,84%) less knowledge amount 37 (48,05%) and the role of health worker is high amount 43 (55,84%). The result of Statistic test showed that there is relation that mean between education X2Count (7,55) > X2table (5,991), knowledge X2Count (13,5) > X2table (5,991) and health worker X2Count (8,45) X2table (3,841) with obedience curing to hypertense suffer. Education, knowledge and the role health worker are the factors that related with obedience curing to hypertense suffer at Pematang Kandis Public Health Center.